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Plagiarism pests crawl into scientific work – Copy & paste.
All people who have to do with writing copy. Be it an apt title to the article, a particularly clever sentence or even a good idea of ​​a stranger. We use words and quotes from others to be totally clever. This happens almost every day and we do not notice it anymore. Copy & Paste has become a matter of course.

It’s not bad to share good content. This is how the information spreads. In the scientific writing but the rule is: the cited must necessarily specify with sources. The bibliography is compiled according to fixed rules. The formatting is also important. You should always pay attention. Otherwise, the acquisition is plagiarized, which can cause you many problems later. You can copy and paste text and idea, but not success and good grades.

Reason for copying

At German and other universities a lot is written off in written project, house or diploma theses. Sometimes you accidentally do it by mistake or naivety. On the other hand, when you have no time for writing or no desire, it happens with great intention. We all know how boring studying can be. Students usually have many sideline jobs. Those who work at the same time have no free time. There are also situations where you do not know and are unfamiliar with the matter.

Actually, it does not matter why you copy. Everyone who gets caught has to expect consequences. Sometimes it’s a bad grade, but sometimes the exmatriculation. So if you copy, you put the entire study on the line.

Subsequent damage

There is a strict rule in the academic world: plagiarism is an attempt to deceive. It is very easy to check if you plagiarized earlier. A single case of copying damages your reputation. Proven deception is almost a crime. The consequences can come to you many years later. There are also cases where the employer wants to check his employees and obtain information about their studies. Be attentive and careful so that your mistake will not cost you too much later. You should prepare yourself for possible exams in advance. It’s better to be honest and serious from the beginning.

Tips to avoid

If you want to avoid plagiarism in a housework, you should take care of quoted works. Put together a list of the literature and put everything in the first place so that you do not forget anything later. Such a list includes direct quotations as well as the works that you have consulted. You can choose a suitable citation style or write for templates from your university. It is important to stick to a consistent style.

So that you are not accused of plagiarism, you should follow the rules of scientific writing and have a plagiarism check done. You can do this for free. It is also important to know when it is a plagiarism. Your studies and your grades are not funny. You should protect yourself from all dangers.

It is often believed that the professor at the university has too little time and will not check the work for plagiarism. But there are many plag trackers these days. You can have your letter checked in a few minutes. You can do these trackers for your own use. Such programs are accessible online and you can use them before submitting. Make sure that your work is not saved in the database, so that the second call is your work as plagiarism.

If you do not know anything about it, you can find many plagiarized examples on the internet. We would also recommend you to contact a professional service. You will then be helped to discover and rewrite the plagiarism sites.

Stop plagiarism

Plagiarism is no joke. He can mess up your whole life. You will not be splashed with fame in the long term either. The price for plagiarism is too high. It would be better to have a clear conscience. Always state where your information came from. Provide yourself with a good and accurate list of literature. If you can not do that yourself, ask for help. Do your best to avoid the cunning plagiarism!

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